for Sharjah, such as the construction of gas pipelines, electric power turbines, roads and oil production facilities.

In 1991, the bank structured the financing of the pipeline link from the Sajaa natural gas field to the Kalba and Khorfakkan electric power plants.

Since 1990, the Bank of Sharjah has been at the forefront of information technology adoption. In 1994, it was the only bank in the UAE to have fully computerised all counterservices, adding to the efficiency of customer service.

In 2002, BNP Paribas sold its stake in the Bank of Sharjah, but the two financial institutions have maintained their special relationship, and two former Paribas senior managers have seats on the bank s Board of Directors - Francois Dauge and Jean-Jacques Santini, the latter having replaced Claude de Kémoularia in 2011.

In 2008, the Bank of Sharjah took over the business activities of BNPI Lebanon, rebranding it Emirates Lebanon Bank.