A commitment to society in the Gulf States

As a global bank with a key role in promoting economic and social development, BNP Paribas puts high standards of ethics at the core of its business activities.

In 2002, to formalise this approach, the Bank launched a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, based on four pillars: economic responsibility financing the economy in an ethical manner; social responsibility pursuing a committed and fair human resources policy; civic responsibility, combating exclusion, promoting education and culture; and environmental responsibility, combating climate change.

Over four decades in the Gulf States, BNP Paribas has sought not only to contribute to economic development through its financing and advisory activities, but also to support the region s policies on societal development, through action at the corporate level and by the Bank s employees.

BNP Paribas external CSR activities in the region are particularly focused on education, a prime policy area for all GCC governments, but also extend into care for the environment and the development of cultural ties with other regions.

Economic responsibility: Financing the economy in an ethical manner

The Bank contributes to the economies in which it operates through philanthropy and ethical policies and approaches. Clients are supported in their responsible growth projects to take up today s major energy and environmental challenges such as: meeting energy needs, ensuring the security of supply and maximising the use of resources. These transactions highlight the Bank s expertise in advisory to governments and major corporates on complex and large environmental projects and fundraisings. Examples of such transactions include the following:

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