Qatar: Four decades of strategic partnerships


In the four decades since BNP Paribas opened its full commercial branch in Qatar, the Bank has developed strategically important relationships with the government and a range of corporates, building a long-term position as a leading international bank in the country.

BNP Paribas operations in Qatar have grown steadily, mirroring the country s development as it established as a sovereign state in 1971, emerged as a major oil and gas producer, and became a major investor on the global stage.

The Bank is now an important partner as Qatar pursues its goals of economic diversification and societal development. To encourage and develop employment and skills in the financial services industry, BNP Paribas established a Career Centre, which operated between 2011 and 2013, and has chosen Qatar as the regional base for the Bank s Global Trade Solutions (GTS) business line.

The partnership with Qatar will continue to develop in line with new initiatives in the local economy, with the Bank offering to fast expanding businesses its expertise and global network stretching almost 80 countries, explains Eric Cohu, Country Head, Qatar, at BNP Paribas:

Qatar offers very attractive opportunities for business because of its strong growth and development, supported by the 2030 Vision for economic diversification. The hydrocarbon sector has been the focus in the last decade and will continue to underpin the economy, but other industrial sectors are now coming into play. BNP Paribas has an excellent track record in arranging financing for major projects in Qatar, especially in the field of energy. But as trade increases, as a global bank we will have a role in serving the risk-mitigation needs of exporters. The development of large infrastructure projects will also require sophisticated banking expertise in a variety of areas, including cash management and trade finance.

BNP Paribas can trace its presence in Qatar back almost six decades to 1956, with the establishment of a branch of Ottoman Bank, which was partly-owned by Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas (Paribas). Paribas then sought to step up its partnership as the country

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