BNP Paribas ambitions in the Middle East and Africa Region

From the very beginning, BNP Paribas Group strategy in the Middle East was built on developing and maintaining proximity with its clients by building partnerships and continuous commitment, whilst providing them with the expertise and added value of a major global bank. This strategy is reflected in the set-up of a comprehensive branch network, in the development of a recognised platform of local expertise and in the ability to access the Group s worldwide expertise. There has been a strong commitment, which has been demonstrated by the Group to the region and to its clients over the years. This has been key to building long-term relationships based on trust and professional service.

The ambitions of the region remain firmly based on key principles: to be core bankers and trusted partners to strategic clients in the region, to support and accompany them in their development and investments and to advise them in efficiently managing their risks. At the same time, the Bank is ideally placed to provide regional access to worldwide Multinational clients, offering proximity services to manage their regional operations, to assist them in better understanding the region and to advise them on how to grow their business, while managing their risks. BNP Paribas position as a global player with a presence in almost 80 countries enables the region to build strong bridges with the other continents, whilst promoting trade and investment flows to and from the Middle East. This is a cornerstone of the Bank s regional strategy.

To succeed in the Bank s ambition to serve strategic clients and investors in the most efficient manner adapted to meet their needs, there is a requirement to remain at the forefront of developments of local expertise within a fast-opening market. The development of regional capital markets and Islamic banking are two examples of growth areas that are key to the success of regional ambitions.

The Middle East and Africa is important for BNP Paribas because of the quality of the relationships it has built with its clients and counterparts, the balanced business mix which it has developed and the proven growth potential in the region. It is BNP Paribas ambition to be one of the top five international banks in the marketplace and, more importantly, for our clients.

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